Our most popular offering is the exclusive BluePrint Program.
This program is designed for the ambitious leader of a boutique estate planning firm who appreciates the importance of continually improving the client value creation proposition your practice offers.
Create a whole new playing field on which no other firm, big or small, will compete. Collaborate with like-minded colleagues from around the country and receive state-of-the-art instruction from our team of experts.


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Meet Our Team

Craig R. Hersch

Florida Bar Board Certified Wills, Trusts & Estates Attorney, CPA

Michael B. Hill

Florida Bar Board Certified Wills, Trusts & Estates Attorney

Maria Reimer

Strategic Planning &
Team Success Coordinator

Overwhelmed by Responsibilities?

Seeking Technology Advice?

Facing Team Resistance?

Dealing with Fee Sensitive Clients?

Determining Marketing Priorities?

Tired of Same Old, Same Old?

What Our Members Are Saying…

Practice Xcelerator provided me with the tools that enable me to gain confidence in my growth as a leader, entrepreneur, attorney, and as a person. I’m learning I have plenty of untapped value, that PX has helped me materialize, so I can be the best I can be. Thank you to the Freedom Practice team for all your collective wisdom, sharing, and experience!

Mark Ignacio / Mark Ignacio Law, APC

A huge thank you to Craig, Maria, and the entire team! These two days (at Practice Xcelerator) encouraged me to see myself with value and confidence. As a recent law school graduate, I feel blessed to have gained information on client intake, fees, and building trust with my clients. I see the importance of demonstrating care and support for my clients. This was a wonderful experience and would definitely recommend this event to other estate planning firms. 

Sophia Gallardo / Mark Ignacio Law, APC

I always leave the Freedom Practice events with specific improvements to immediately apply to my practice. Interacting with other practices and exploring their experiences is an added benefit!

Michael Clear / Wiggin & Dana, LLP

The Practice Xcelerator Event is an excellent program with the right combination of theoretical and practical advice and discussion. In a 2 day program I was able to list more takeaways and action plans than any other event I have attended. 

James Hopkinson / Hopkinson & Abbondanza

Craig, Michael, and their team’s two-day presentation will undoubtedly assist my estate planning practice from a financial perspective, as well as from an administrative perspective. PX provides the necessary mindset and tools to set up attorneys and their staff for continued growth and success. Their program is forward thinking and innovative, and any estate planning attorney who is willing to embrace change and implement new mindsets, practices, and procedures will/should benefit greatly from Craig and his team’s sharing of their collective wisdom.

Gerald Schofield / Hopkinson & Abbondanza

The Freedom Practice – Practice Xcelerator event was spectacular, as all of their programs. Craig is an impassioned coach and visionary. The Freedom Practice team is clearly invested in the success of their members as evidenced by their interest in our growth and learning. Craig is lucky to have someone like Maria on his team.

Brendan Ward / Standard Law, PLLC

The utilization of the state of the art software AND leadership/team building psychologies (in other words, being an entrepreneurial firm) is invaluable. That Craig has taken the time to explain and coach both the how and the why has been unbelievable. Thank you for this experience!

Nathaniel Spinney / Standard Law, PLLC

Twenty-first century practice management is critical to optimizing time and resources, to maximize the client experience. Practice Xcelerator hits all the high notes – on a step-by-step basis; how to streamline law practices with laser focus on creating an exceptional client value. The systems, concepts, software, and management techniques are outstanding! Highly recommend! 

Peter Knize / Sanibel Captiva Trust Co.

Using the Estate Settlement Program I was able to show the value of our process and earn a five figure fee for settlement of a first spouse death.

Karen Brady / Law Offices of Karen Brady, PC

I truly enjoyed the live event! Craig continues to remind us of the big picture. Maria was outstanding! Really valuable explanations of how to use Kolbe to achieve team synergy. Also enjoyed Hayley’s presentation of how to turn estate settlement into a “process.” Best thing? Probably the interaction among the members. Sharing experiences, what works, what has not worked, etc. and the freedom to ask questions and share ideas in a non-threatening and supportive environment.

Joe Fournier / Fournier Legal Services
Peter O

Another great session with the Freedom Practice team! Craig, Mike, Hayley, Maria, Gina, and company do a great job of blending new concepts and ideas while reinforcing material from past sessions – and they provide the tools and motivation to implement at our firm. 

The best content from the BluePrint Program session was the segment on the Advanced Planning Expander (APE) and conceptualizing the up front engagement as a review, goal setting, and design, while segmenting out the documents and drafting for later phases or steps. 

Peter Osman / Borakove | Osman, LLC

The best thing about the BluePrint Program live event was all of the materials that were provided. We don’t have a formal process in place for Estate Legacy Planning or estate administration, so it will be extremely beneficial for us to start implementing some of the samples provided! Thank you!

Ashley Staunton / Jones Law Firm

Joining the Freedom Practice has been the single best decision we have made to transform our law practice. We have been able to quickly implement programs and systems that completely reworked how we run our firm, shifted our entire approach to how we market and grow our business, and are allowing us to distinguish ourselves in a crowded field. Craig and his team are great to work with and are invaluable in their support and commitment to our success as a firm.

Ken Simmons & Marco Schiavo / Simmons & Schiavo LLP

What I really like about The Freedom Practice™ is, as somebody who is a little bit older; this doesn’t tie the client to me personally or individually. What it does is that it marries the client to our firm. We’re also developing marketing processes that attach the client to our law firm, so they’ll be with our firm for the rest of their lives. For me, as a Senior Partner, this tells me that my younger associates can be successful over the long haul and that this program will be available to them to enable them to continue to be successful long after I retire. I highly recommend The Freedom Practice™ for any of you who want to really go to the next level in your estate planning practice.

Ted Gudorf / Gudorf Law Group, LLC

I’ve just attended The Freedom Practice event with Craig Hersch and his staff, and Craig has put together a system, processes and support tools that I’ve been working on developing myself for nearly 15 years. He is delivering tens of thousands of dollars in value that will make a difference in my practice that will translate into hundreds of thousands of dollars over the next few years.

Hank Weatherby / Weatherby & Associates, PC