Marketing and Selling

Roget’s Thesaurus categorizes the terms “marketing” and “selling” as synonyms. For those of us providing legal, tax and financial services, however, understanding important distinctions between these two words leads to better focus in your marketing efforts and increased revenue to your practice. Marketing, quite simply, is defined as the action of promoting your services. Marketing […]

Difference between Reactive and Responsive

“I get a pit in my stomach before I enter my office each day,” Steve, a colleague of mine confided, “wondering what emergencies are going to hit me before I even sit down at my desk.” Sound familiar? Every professional in the legal, tax and financial world experiences similar feelings. On my drive to work […]

Didn’t You Always Want to Host Your Own Radio or Television Series?

While growing up in Indianapolis I used to fall asleep listening to WIBC radio sportscaster Bob Lamey broadcasting the then-ABA Indiana Pacer’s basketball games. I lived and died with those early 1970s championship teams that included Billy Keller, Freddie Lewis, Don Buse, George McGinnis, Mel Daniels, Roger Brown and “Dr. Dunk” Darnell Hillman. When ever […]

How Much Should You Budget Towards Marketing?

As an estate planning national practice development expert, I’m frequently asked “How much should I spend on marketing?” It’s a very good question. The answer is a product of several sub-issues that I intend to delve into here, as marketing consists not only of the direct cost of advertising, but should also include costs associated […]

Rainmaking Day and Night

Whether you call them workshops or seminars these are effective tools to promote your expertise and services to your centers of influence, clients and prospects. Creating front-stage educational experiences serves to break your firm free from the commoditization trap, and differentiates you from your competition. It can also be used as a game-changer to leverage […]

Artificial Intelligence and Estate Planning

In 1996 Kodak was in its prime. It dominated photography and film, with a market cap exceeding $28 billion, and 140,000 employees. In 1976, 20 years earlier, Kodak actually invented the digital camera. They owned its intellectual property and had the advantage of being first to the marketplace. Kodak should be thriving today, but instead […]

Have I Answered All of Your Questions?

It’s often the little things that matter. A few years ago, I lost a client who, on the way out, gave me valuable information through a complaint she registered with one of my team members. “He wasn’t listening to me,” she said, “and always seemed so rushed. I know that I’m not his wealthiest client, […]

Pushing that Boulder Up the Mountain

It can be deflating confronting internal opposition when committing to making transformational changes inside of your practice. It’s like trying to push the proverbial boulder up the mountain. “That’s not the way we always do things.” “I’m too old to learn new tricks.” “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” Believe me, I’ve heard it […]

Turning Your ‘No’ Into a ‘Yes’

Remember when your kids were little and one of the first words they learned to say after “Mama” or “Dada” was an emphatic “NO!” As a toddler my daughter Gabrielle would march around our home pointing at her baby doll yelling “No! You can’t do that!” It’s obvious that children feel the need to voice […]