Your Law Practice as Theatre

I’ve always said that I could write a hysterical Broadway comedy based on the day-to-day craziness that is my estate-planning law practice. Jason Alexander would be the perfect actor to play my role in the production, with Carol Burnett as a whacky client, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler as a couple of paralegals, Bob Newhart […]

Client Value Creation

So you have the engagement and are busy drafting your client’s new estate-planning documents. The initial consultation went well, and you believe that you’ve laid the foundation for a successful attorney/client relationship. Much has been written about creating client value – but what exactly does that mean for an estate planning law firm? Drafting superior […]

The Initial Client

Early in my career I thought that I must impress potential clients so they’d engage my services.  Upon sitting down together in my firm’s conference room, I would begin by asking questions about why we were meeting and what they hoped to accomplish. So far so good. I might hear “We’re interested in creating a […]

Identifying your A+ Client

You can’t turn on the television without watching one of those incessant personal injury lawyer ads promising no fees unless they successfully sue the pants off someone for you. As a result, clients expect all attorneys, no matter the specialty, to offer a “free initial consultation.” Should you do it? Yes and no. You may […]

From Data to Wisdom

While no one would disagree that the services of a qualified estate-planning attorney are far superior to those  you can find with Internet document preparation software, it’s important to understand what part of your practice is “commoditized,” as opposed to where you provide true client value. Know this: Despite your best efforts, your documents are […]

The Commoditization Trap

Over the past 40 years, the advent of the microchip has commoditized many businesses and services.  Moore’s Law, defined as the doubling of microchip power every two years, led to the powerful capabilities we find in today’s computers, Internet and Smartphones.  While the microchip has fundamentally transformed society, giving us unlimited access to information and […]