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Back Stage Support

Are you concerned that your office doesn’t have adequate staff to support these front stage and back stage systems?

The Freedom Practice™ offers backstage support to those firms who request it or require it due to the manpower necessary. For example, we can prepare your clients’ funding from our home office. We offer additional services that we will review in your Test Drive workshop. Our experienced team members have a plethora of skills and unique abilities that make them particularly adept at streamlining The Family Estate and Legacy Program as well as The Estate Settlement Program. Through collaboration, your office and our team can provide a unique client experience that you can’t find with any of your competitors.

Curious about how The Freedom Practice™ does it?
Listen to the informative podcast below:

Building the Perfect Team

Team Success and Strategic Planning Coordinator Maria Reimer interviews Freedom Practice™ Founder Craig Hersch, as he explains what it takes to build the perfect estate planning and administration team that creates a unique client experience that can’t be found anywhere else.

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