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by Craig R. Hersch

The Florida Residency & Estate Planning Guide

Whether to claim Florida residency and how that affects your estate plan are two significant questions on many people’s minds. This book addresses whether your will, revocable living trust, durable power of attorney, health care surrogate and living will documents from up north remain valid, the important issues you should consider when updating your documents to Florida law, and whether you can achieve tax savings by becoming a Florida resident.

Craig R. Hersch is a Florida board certified wills, trusts & estates attorney and CPA who has three decades of experience helping families achieve their estate planning goals. He has developed a Unique Process™, The Family Estate & Legacy Program™, geared to provide clients with confidence and clarity through the often confusing legal, tax and financial world.

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by Craig R. Hersch

Common Cents Estate Planning

Practical Advice You Should Consider With Your Attorney, CPA and Financial Advisor

Ever wonder what questions you should ask when you visit with your estate planning attorney, CPA and financial advisor? This book provides you the clarity and confidence to ask all of the right questions that pertain to your situation.

Craig R. Hersch, a Florida Bar Board Certified Wills, Trusts & Estates Attorney/CPA gives you practical advice by relaying his behind-the-desk view to real life situations. He has authored an estate planning column in a Sanibel Island, Florida newspaper since 2004 – and has now compiled several of his best columns into easy to understand chapters. Don’t go into your next meeting unprepared! Let Craig’s wisdom help guide you.

“I am a client of Michael Hill and just finished reading
your book – it was wonderful and should be required
reading before beginning any Trust. It was a wonderful
idea to collect all your newspaper articles together to give
short but complete explanations of so many topics.”

– William L.

by Craig R. Hersch

Legal Matters When a Loved One Dies

Nothing can be more stressful and heartbreaking than the loss of a loved one. The grieving process leaves little room for major decisions that are thrust upon you. Attorneys ask you to sign legal papers and probate pleadings, CPAs present tax returns and financial advisors suggest portfolio adjustments. At this emotional and vulnerable time, these are the people that you least want to deal with, but you realize that the issues being raised will have a real economic effect on the rest of your life.

Within these pages, renowned estate and trust attorney Craig R. Hersch explains the issues that families are likely to face and the steps they can take to navigate a successful legal, tax and financial outcome following a loved one’s passing.