Artificial Intelligence and Estate Planning

In 1996 Kodak was in its prime. It dominated photography and film, with a market cap exceeding $28 billion, and 140,000 employees. In 1976, 20 years earlier, Kodak actually invented the digital camera. They owned its intellectual property and had the advantage of being first to the marketplace. Kodak should be thriving today, but instead […]

Hourly or Fixed Fee?

How do you charge for estate planning services? I’ve known lawyers who for many years haven’t  budged from charging for their services by the hour. They don’t believe that any other way is practical or appropriate. “How do I pull a number out of the air?” they might ask. Or, “what if the file takes […]

Abundance Versus Scarcity

In this election, year there’s been much discussion over equality, including the lack of income equality.  Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders uses this theme to appeal to millennials who feel that they aren’t getting their fair share of the American dream. Without getting too deeply into the political discourse, to accept the notion that government […]

Client Value Creation

So you have the engagement and are busy drafting your client’s new estate-planning documents. The initial consultation went well, and you believe that you’ve laid the foundation for a successful attorney/client relationship. Much has been written about creating client value – but what exactly does that mean for an estate planning law firm? Drafting superior […]

From Data to Wisdom

While no one would disagree that the services of a qualified estate-planning attorney are far superior to those  you can find with Internet document preparation software, it’s important to understand what part of your practice is “commoditized,” as opposed to where you provide true client value. Know this: Despite your best efforts, your documents are […]

The Commoditization Trap

Over the past 40 years, the advent of the microchip has commoditized many businesses and services.  Moore’s Law, defined as the doubling of microchip power every two years, led to the powerful capabilities we find in today’s computers, Internet and Smartphones.  While the microchip has fundamentally transformed society, giving us unlimited access to information and […]