Today’s Practice Tip: Your Clients Don’t Understand the Estate Planning Documents You Drafted

What is it that They Value?

Several years ago I almost quit the practice of law. I was earning what I then considered great money, but I also worked 65+ hour weeks. My wife and three young daughters often got a grumpy husband/father when he came home from work.

Sometimes I missed soccer games and dance recitals.

On the advice of a colleague, I joined a coaching program. It wasn’t just for attorneys – as I wanted a broader view than that.

At my first meeting, introducing me to the group, the coach asked me, “Craig, what brings you here?”

“If my clients would only leave me alone,” I complained, “I’d be able to get the drafts of their documents done. I work late into the night, yet they’re never satisfied.”

Coach nodded his head, and then asked a probing question. “Why do you spend so much of your time on the commodity of your practice? ”

I was shocked. “The commodity?” I asked. “You mean the documents?”

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