Marketing and Selling

Roget’s Thesaurus categorizes the terms “marketing” and “selling” as synonyms. For those of us providing legal, tax and financial services, however, understanding important distinctions between these two words leads to better focus in your marketing efforts and increased revenue to your practice. Marketing, quite simply, is defined as the action of promoting your services. Marketing […]

How Much Should You Budget Towards Marketing?

As an estate planning national practice development expert, I’m frequently asked “How much should I spend on marketing?” It’s a very good question. The answer is a product of several sub-issues that I intend to delve into here, as marketing consists not only of the direct cost of advertising, but should also include costs associated […]

Have I Answered All of Your Questions?

It’s often the little things that matter. A few years ago, I lost a client who, on the way out, gave me valuable information through a complaint she registered with one of my team members. “He wasn’t listening to me,” she said, “and always seemed so rushed. I know that I’m not his wealthiest client, […]

Turning Your ‘No’ Into a ‘Yes’

Remember when your kids were little and one of the first words they learned to say after “Mama” or “Dada” was an emphatic “NO!” As a toddler my daughter Gabrielle would march around our home pointing at her baby doll yelling “No! You can’t do that!” It’s obvious that children feel the need to voice […]

Income and Wealth Inequality

The income and wealth inequality political movement has been growing for quite some time, coming to a head in this year’s presidential race. Whether you agree inequality is bad or good is beside the point. The issue I’d like to address here is how it affects your clients, and therefore your practice. Specifically, we’ll review […]

Packaging Your Wisdom

As an estate-planning professional, how do you package your services so that your clients can identify the uniquely valuable client experience that you and your firm offer? I wrote in an earlier column that since the development of the microchip and with it the Internet, our clients view the wills, trusts and legal documents we […]

Quid Pro Quo

Quid pro quo. If I refer a client to you, should I have a corresponding expectation that you will soon refer one to me? It seems that many professionals in the legal, tax and financial services industries have quid pro quo attitudes. I’ve noticed it over my 27 years practicing as an estate-planning attorney. It […]

Retirement as an Outmoded Concept

Retirees constitute a large percentage of our estate or financial planning clientele, yet saving for retirement becomes more difficult with increased costs of living, healthcare, taxes and raising a family. But is retirement outdated? Will those of us in today’s workforce enjoy a comfortable retirement? The better question is should we ever plan to retire? […]

The Silver Bullet

Those who know me understand that I love marketing my estate planning law practice. I believe that we have thorough front-stage processes and back-stage methods that take care of clients in a uniquely positive way. To get the word out, I’ve  written professional articles for trade journals, as well as newspaper columns for laymen, posted […]