Income and Wealth Inequality

The income and wealth inequality political movement has been growing for quite some time, coming to a head in this year’s presidential race. Whether you agree inequality is bad or good is beside the point. The issue I’d like to address here is how it affects your clients, and therefore your practice. Specifically, we’ll review […]

Quid Pro Quo

Quid pro quo. If I refer a client to you, should I have a corresponding expectation that you will soon refer one to me? It seems that many professionals in the legal, tax and financial services industries have quid pro quo attitudes. I’ve noticed it over my 27 years practicing as an estate-planning attorney. It […]

Identifying your A+ Client

You can’t turn on the television without watching one of those incessant personal injury lawyer ads promising no fees unless they successfully sue the pants off someone for you. As a result, clients expect all attorneys, no matter the specialty, to offer a “free initial consultation.” Should you do it? Yes and no. You may […]