Have I Answered All of Your Questions?

It’s often the little things that matter. A few years ago, I lost a client who, on the way out, gave me valuable information through a complaint she registered with one of my team members. “He wasn’t listening to me,” she said, “and always seemed so rushed. I know that I’m not his wealthiest client, […]

Turning Your ‘No’ Into a ‘Yes’

Remember when your kids were little and one of the first words they learned to say after “Mama” or “Dada” was an emphatic “NO!” As a toddler my daughter Gabrielle would march around our home pointing at her baby doll yelling “No! You can’t do that!” It’s obvious that children feel the need to voice […]

Retirement as an Outmoded Concept

Retirees constitute a large percentage of our estate or financial planning clientele, yet saving for retirement becomes more difficult with increased costs of living, healthcare, taxes and raising a family. But is retirement outdated? Will those of us in today’s workforce enjoy a comfortable retirement? The better question is should we ever plan to retire? […]

Client Value Creation

So you have the engagement and are busy drafting your client’s new estate-planning documents. The initial consultation went well, and you believe that you’ve laid the foundation for a successful attorney/client relationship. Much has been written about creating client value – but what exactly does that mean for an estate planning law firm? Drafting superior […]

The Initial Client

Early in my career I thought that I must impress potential clients so they’d engage my services.  Upon sitting down together in my firm’s conference room, I would begin by asking questions about why we were meeting and what they hoped to accomplish. So far so good. I might hear “We’re interested in creating a […]