Don’t Think of an Elephant

The human brain is incapable of thinking of the negative, with the classic example being, “don’t think of an elephant!” You can’t tell the human brain not to do something.

Skiers know this. Since I’m from Florida and don’t ski that often, skiing down a steep forest is intimidating for me – mainly because I’m focusing on the trees. When I’m thinking “Don’t hit a tree,” guess what I’m looking at?


I’m only looking at the very things that I’m trying to avoid. Good skiers instead follow the path. They’re looking at the clear, winding snow path through the trees. Much easier.

It’s the same thing in your estate planning practice. If you only focus on the obstacles to your goals, then all you’re going to see are the obstacles.  

If you only see your current cash flow, then you won’t hire that paralegal or associate attorney you desperately need to increase your billings.

If you only view the time and effort it will take to compose and send educational emails to your clients, prospects, and centers of influence, you won’t see the strong relationships you’ll build and maintain.

It’s your choice how you choose to perceive your career. It’s all perspective.

Allow me to reveal entirely new perspectives how to view almost everything about your legal career! Join me September 14th and 15th in Atlanta for our two-day live event, Practice Xcelerator!

If you only look at the time away from your office to attend PX, then you won’t realize the increased revenues, efficiency, and freedoms you’ll gain almost immediately upon your return.

Choose the path, not the obstacles!

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