Making a Commitment to Your Freedoms               

Most of us want to attain more freedoms in our law practice. We want the freedom of time to work on those clients and projects we most enjoy working on. The freedom of money enables us to attain the cash flow necessary for a worry-free year. Freedom of relationships enable us to reject clients who aren’t a good fit, work with a team that we truly enjoy, and to foster great relationships both professionally and personally. Finally, freedom of purpose refocuses us on why we became estate planning attorneys in the first place. At this highest freedom our practice is a means to an end so that we can achieve our highest purpose in life, whether spiritual or existential.

So what commitment will this take? Simply put, it takes an ongoing commitment to work on your practice rather than in your practice. That’s what our Freedom Practice programs accomplish. You’re in a group with other ambitious, motivated estate planning practitioners to put into place better systems, processes, teamwork, technology, and marketing to achieve your goals.

Why won’t some go ahead and do that? Attorneys by nature want to understand exactly what they’re committing to before they take the plunge. That’s fine when what at stake is signing a contract, buying a new mobile phone, or purchasing a home, but not when making a deep existential commitment. The only way to understand leadership is to lead. The only way to understand marriage is to get married. The only way to understand whether a certain career path is right for you is to actually try it for an extended period.

The only way to understand how to gain the freedoms of time, money, relationship and purpose in your estate planning practice is to attend our program geared exactly to that goal.

Those who hover on the edge of a commitment, reluctant to make a decision until all facts are in, will eventually find that decades of frustration that could have instead been much more rewarding has passed them by.

I ask you to make a commitment for only two days – September 14th and 15th in Atlanta Georgia to test these waters. I absolutely guarantee you that the first day of Practice Xcelerator alone will reframe the way you approach your estate planning practice. If it doesn’t, let me know by the end of that day and I’ll refund your tuition!

If, after reading this you still need more facts, then get a taste of what our PX course is like by attending our PX Preview:

To Your Bigger Future,

Craig R. Hersch
Founder, The Freedom Practice 
Florida Bar Board Certified Wills, Trusts & Estates Attorney/CPA 
Senior Partner, Sheppard Law Firm, Fort Myers Florida 

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