If you’re one the premier estate planning and trust administration attorneys in the country, The Summit Counsel is for you. This dynamic, high-level collaborative group is composed of only elite attorneys and advisors. Launching in 2021, The Summit Counsel will help you exponentially grow your practice by sharing the highly refined tactics, technology and tools used by the most successful estate planning firms.

Attend two Summit Counsel-exclusive events annually, featuring top experts from the worlds of marketing, technology, systems and team building. The Summit Counsel Events will be the day before or following your BluePrint session.

Receive a “golden ticket” to all Freedom Practice events, including Practice Xcelerator Events and BluePrint quarterly sessions, and mid-quarter Zoom Video Conference learning sessions.

Join the most exclusive group of estate planning elite to share, collaborate and exponentially grow your practice.

Achieve true team maximization by implementing powerful team tools available only to Summit Counsel members and learn how they’ve applied to existing Freedom Practice member offices.

Gain admission to The Practice Xcelerator Event™ and The BluePrint Program™. You will be assigned to a BluePrint class, but can also attend the Summit Counsel Event session semi-annually!

Receive an area-exclusive license all Freedom Practice Program Toolkits and all other benefits and bonuses of The BluePrint Program.

Unlock access to our advanced technological tools, including use of our highly refined sales & marketing funnels.

Receive our robust Digital Kit ($100,000 value and growing!) full of collateral materials, graphics, client deliverables and other media that you may adapt specifically to your practice, differentiating yourself in your community.