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Systemizing the Client Experience

Creating a Customizable System

by Craig R. Hersch, Florida Bar Board Certified Wills, Trusts & Estates Attorney, CPA

Systematizing The Client Experience

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Front Stage Processes

In order to systemize your front stage and back stage processes, you need to remember that you don’t sell wills or trusts. Those are commodities. You sell an educational experience. I have a trademarked client estate planning experience, The Family Estate & Legacy Program™, which does just that. It serves as the content for my law firm’s website and focuses on what the clients want. Partnered with The Estate Settlement Program™—used for estate administration—we emphasize the transformative experience.

Our front stage unique process is supported by videos, blogs, books and podcasts, all processes we can help you build into your practice. These are all educational in the sense that the media answers our target market clients’ most common questions. Note that all of this educational content also becomes marketing tools designed to enhance our clients’ estate planning experience and serve to attract prospective clients…[Click to Read More]