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What is the Freedom Practice™?

The Freedom Practice™ includes complete Front/Back Stage estate planning and administration practice systems that will give you increased freedoms of time, money, relationship and purpose.

The result of our estate planning system is for your practice to become a “value creation monopoly” in your community, meaning that you consistently create a positive client experience that cannot be found anywhere else, at any price.

The result of our estate administration system is to break down what clients perceive as a complex process (probate and/or trust administration) into an easy to understand 7  module system designed to provide them with comfort and clarity.

When you implement our practice systems, you (and your staff) will:

  • Consistently attract A+ clients to your practice;
  • Provide a unique client educational experience through the use of modern technologies including videos, podcasts, webinars and books;
  • Break the commoditization trap by packaging your wisdom;
  • Filter clients through our efficient intake process matching the use of the right attorney and/or staff to each client situation;
  • Implement self-managing practice systems so that each staff member works to their highest capabilities within each individual’s unique abilities;
  • Increase firm revenue to levels you could not imagine through client value creation;
  • Become the estate planning practice in your community; and
  • Enjoy more free time, higher revenues, while working with quality clients and staff

The Freedom Practice™ is not a marketing system, although it includes marketing elements that we have created and that you can utilize to achieve significant client and revenue growth, nor is it trust/probate document preparation software. It is a different way of viewing the estate planning and administrative marketplace, given how increased competition and Internet commoditization changes how our clients view estate planning services. By implementing our practice systems and attending ongoing educational workshops you will transform your practice from the inside out.

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