“This is very unusual for me, because I generally don’t write about personal experiences. However, I can’t help but share something that may transform your law practice, as it is doing mine. (I know … that sounds terribly “marketeering,” but hang with me a moment.)

While at WealthCounsel’s 2017 Symposium in Hollywood, CA, I attended a session entitled, Overcoming the Commoditization Trap. It was presented by Craig Hersch, a Florida Bar Board Certified Wills, Trusts & Estates Attorney, and CPA. Craig is also a contributing expert on practice development for Trusts & Estates Magazine. Craig’s one-hour presentation totally shifted my law practice paradigm from not merely striving to deliver exceptional documents and legal services, but also creating exceptional client experiences.

What first resonated with me was that everything Craig said made perfect sense. What next impressed me was his willingness to share the systems which he had developed over the past thirteen or so years that are working so successfully in his own daily practice. Acting upon his invitation, I have recently returned from two intense days of workshop exposure in Florida to Craig’s systems. I cannot say enough good things about what I learned and intend to implement in my own practice.”

– Joseph M., Raleigh, NC