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The Freedom Practice Test Drive

The Freedom Practice™ includes complete Front/Back Stage estate planning and administration practice systems that will give you increased freedoms of time, money, relationship and purpose. Increased competition and Internet commoditization change how our clients view estate planning services. By implementing our practice systems and attending practice development coaching workshops conducted by National Practice Development Expert Craig R. Hersch you will transform your practice from the inside out.


Price: $3,995   $1,995


Take your estate planning practice to the next level

If you are an ambitious estate-planning attorney who wants to take your practice to the highest level, this two-day workshop is for you!

Day One

By the end of the first day, you’ll have the basic toolkit for re-engineering your practice by finding answers to the questions about why you’re stuck working in your practice rather than on your practice. You’ll see a clear path to:

  • Successfully, confidently and sincerely answer “Why should I use your firm’s services?”
  • Work solely in your unique abilities
  • Generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in new profit
  • Build the best team that fully supports you
  • Delegate everything you hate doing to those who love it
  • Implement systems your team will intuitively follow rather than leaning on you to do their thinking for them
  • Attract A+ clients who you love to work with
  • Create unique client experiences
  • Rid your firm of problem clients
  • Becoming the envy of your estate planning community
  • Generate hundreds of thousands of dollars of annual leads from your existing clients
  • Using technology to provide unique client value and have a blast doing it
  • Uphold your responsibility to yourself, your family and your clients to constantly create a bigger future
  • Take off more time while generating higher annual revenue
  • And much, much more!

Day Two

In today’s session we’ll focus on front stage/back stage estate planning and administrative systems, how to create a unique client educational experience, and package and market that experience:

  • Analyze your current marketing materials for strengths and weaknesses
  • Discover how to create a marketing funnel leading to lucrative client engagements
  • Discover how to properly identify your target client market
  • Learn to maximize your ROI on every marketing dollar you spend
  • Learn how to create a front stage experience your clients will love and refer to
  • Learn how to implement back stage methods to support your front stage processes;
  • Learn how to attract the best potential clients to your webinars and seminars
  • Learn how to create educational materials that your clients can get enough of
  • Learn how to annuitize your client base to produce unparalleled revenues
  • Jump way ahead of the pack by incorporating The Family Estate & Legacy Program® and Estate Settlement Program® systems into your practice
  • And much much more!