State of the Legal Market

Listen in to hear Craig Hersch’s reaction to the Thomson Reuters State of the Legal Market Report indicating that firms who fail to adapt to the new marketplace will become extinct. Read the report here.

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Turning Adversity into a Bigger Future

The Freedom Practice’s Team Success and Strategic Planning Coordinator Maria Reimer interviews founder Craig R. Hersch on how he overcame adversity when he almost quit his law practice, but instead created his trademarked estate planning and administrative systems that transformed his practice and will assist estate-planning attorneys across the country to game change [...]

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Building the Perfect Team

Team Success and Strategic Planning Coordinator Maria Reimer interviews Freedom Practice™ Founder Craig Hersch, picking his brain and delving into his years of Estate Planning experience to find out just what it takes to build the perfect legal and administrative team and what keeps that team working smoothly.

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Joe Pine and the Experience Economy

The Freedom Practice™ founder Craig Hersch interviews internationally acclaimed author, speaker, and management advisor to Fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurial start-ups B. Joseph Pine.  In this episode, Joe Pine discusses how the economy has shifted into an experience-focused realm.  Tune in to hear how the experience economy relates to estate planning attorneys and [...]

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Turning Your ‘No’ Into a ‘Yes’

Remember when your kids were little and one of the first words they learned to say after “Mama” or “Dada” was an emphatic “NO!” As a toddler, my daughter Gabrielle would march around our home pointing at her baby doll yelling “No! You can’t do that!” It’s obvious that children feel the need to [...]

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Hourly or Fixed Fee?

How do you charge for estate planning services? I’ve known lawyers who for many years haven’t budged from charging for their services by the hour. They don’t believe that any other way is practical or appropriate. “How do I pull a number out of the air?” they might ask. Or, “what if the file [...]

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Income and Wealth Inequality

The income and wealth inequality political movement has been growing for quite some time, coming to a head in this year’s presidential race. Whether you agree inequality is bad or good is beside the point. The issue I’d like to address here is how it affects your clients, and therefore your practice. Specifically, we’ll [...]

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Getting the Word Out

Most small to medium-sized estate planning law firms don’t have the budget to create, produce, edit and run a large-scale media advertising campaign. Newspaper advertising rates in many markets are very expensive, even as readership declines. Television advertising, likewise, is both expensive and fragmented. Yet, in today’s experience economy, content is king. In past [...]

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Packaging Your Wisdom

As an estate planning professional, how do you package your services so that your clients can identify the uniquely valuable client experience that you and your firm offer? I wrote in an earlier column that since the development of the microchip and with it the Internet, our clients view the wills, trusts and legal [...]

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