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Successfully game-changing your estate planning practice is much easier when you have proven tools and coaching taking you to the next level:

The Essentials Program

Six webinars introducing you to the most important concepts that you need to know in order for your practice to adapt to today’s market realities.

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Test Drive Event

A two-day workshop that introduces you to The Freedom Practice estate planning and administration systems that will give you the tools to both evaluate and transform your practice.

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The Blueprint Program

EVERYTHING in our other programs plus an exclusive license to use The Family Estate & Legacy Program™ and The Estate Settlement Program™ systems and much more!

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The Client Intake

National practice development expert Craig R. Hersch conducts this full-day workshop that will serve to game-change how your practice serves clients from the initial contact.

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The Client Community Program

A client estate-planning maintenance program is invaluable to creating uniquely positive client relationships as well as establishing a unique client community.

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Producing Effective Workshops

Producing effective client workshops is not quite as easy as it sounds. Much thought is necessary to attract A+ clients to attend and convert them into paying clients.

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Coaching and systems by National Practice Development Expert Craig R. Hersch. Explore below for previews, articles and full webinars by Craig on platforms like Trusts & Estates Magazine and WealthCounsel!

Trusts & Estates


Competition and commoditization confront even the most ambitious, innovative estate planning attorney. How do you thrive given client expectations and the availability of information technology commoditizing your practice? The Freedom Practice™ breaks through your ceiling of complexity, providing front/back stage solutions that will make your practice rise above others in a competitive marketplace. Whether you want to transform your practice in a specific area or want to completely game change the way estate planning is practiced, our programs offer various levels of cutting-edge training and systems to help you and your practice thrive in today’s changing legal marketplace.

Are you an ambitious, innovative estate planning attorney motivated to supercharge your practice?


The Four Freedoms are what we all strive for. Implementing these systems will move you,
your staff and clients towards these life-changing qualities.


Spending your time on what you enjoy and in your “unique ability.” Not spending time on that which you do not find fulfilling.


Having the money to spend on the things that you want to do or to have. Not spending money on those things that do not enhance you.


Have the best client relationships, and get rid of your problem clients. Have the best colleagues and staff of high-minded, quality people.


The freedom to be involved in those activities that are most important to you, which may be physical, emotional or spiritual.