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Craig R. Hersch is a recognized practice development expert serving on Trusts & Estates magazine’s editorial advisory board. Here we have several of Craig’s articles posted on relevant topics to any estate planning law firm.


The Freedom Practice is an entrepreneurial driven estate planning and administration practice development service. It is exclusively designed FOR estate planning law firms and is created BY experienced estate planning practitioners. We encourage most of our new attorneys to first attend a bi-annual Practice Xcelerator™ event to take your practice to the next level.


Practice Xcelerator™ (PX) is a live, two-day workshop where you’ll learn how to up your game with systems and processes, team building, technology, marketing and client care program development. A complete overview is found by clicking here.  We guarantee that you’ll have so many takeaways that you won’t know which to first implement into your practice. Our guarantee is real – if after the first day of PX you feel the information isn’t right for you, we’ll refund your tuition, no questions asked.

BluePrint™ is our quarterly, live coaching program that deep dives into the five categories mentioned in Practice Xcelerator™ to take your practice to the next level. A complete overview is found here. Here, we also review estate planning and administration techniques to hone your skills and then provide tips how to demonstrate the unique client value proposition your firm provides to clients, prospects, and referral sources. Most of the sessions are held near our home office in Fort Myers, Florida. Law firms from more than 30 states have benefited from BluePrint™. Enrollees in BluePrint™ also include a license to use our trademarked estate planning and estate/trust administration system front and back stages.

Summit Counsel is an invitation only offering to the firms that have grasped and implemented the Practice Xcelerator™ and BluePrint™ methods into their practices and wish to achieve even greater success.

The Freedom Practice® develops our thinking tools and resources from our boutique law firm in Southwest Florida. We don’t bring anything out to our Freedom Practice® firms until it is time tested in our own law firm. Our team includes Craig R. Hersch, Michael B. Hill, Hayley Donaldson, Maria Reimer, Gina Sadoski, Liam Ladia and others who all have unique qualifications to take you to that next level. We encourage you to read our biographies.
Tuition can be found on our enrollment pages. The Freedom Practice is unique because one tuition pays for TWO members of your law firm. We do this so that you’ll have an ally to help implement the strategies you take home, and we encourage you to bring another member of your firm with you. We believe that an investment in tuition should pay for itself 10x, and when you read our Attorney Reviews, you’ll find many enthusiastic acknowledgements of the many benefits of Freedom Practice® programs.


No one has time to leave a busy office. We all realize, however, that if we don’t carve out time to work ON our practice rather than IN our practice, we won’t make any progress. Craig Hersch discusses why liminal space – a place away from your daily responsibilities where transformation occurs – is necessary in this blog post. Moreover, you’ll be in a room with other ambitious, highly motivated estate planning attorneys from around the country sharing ideas and strategies. We believe that your investment in our programs will provide a 10x or greater multiple return.

We’re in the process of creating our MasterClass series where you can enroll in online instruction 

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