Difference between Reactive and Responsive

“I get a pit in my stomach before I enter my office each day,” Steve, a colleague of mine confided, “wondering what emergencies are going to hit me before I even sit down at my desk.” Sound familiar? Every professional in the legal, tax and financial world experiences similar feelings. On my drive to work […]

Pushing that Boulder Up the Mountain

It can be deflating confronting internal opposition when committing to making transformational changes inside of your practice. It’s like trying to push the proverbial boulder up the mountain. “That’s not the way we always do things.” “I’m too old to learn new tricks.” “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” Believe me, I’ve heard it […]

The Benefits to Building an Estate-Planning Team

A couple of decades ago, estate-planning attorneys might have gotten by with a legal assistant or two. Today, you may need an army to provide excellent client service. I prefer to call my colleagues and assistants our estate-planning “team”. Team Elements My team starts with me and one of my law partners, who’s also board […]

Building Your Team

A basketball team filled with point guards with no shooting guards, forwards or centers wouldn’t fare very well. A football team made up exclusively of offensive lineman, without a quarterback, running backs or wide receivers (not to mention a defense) wouldn’t win any games either. Just as sports teams require athletes of different sizes, shapes […]