What is The Freedom Practice?

The Freedom Practice is the answer to today’s commoditization trap. A glut of attorneys as well as ever improving do-it-yourself document preparation software threatens to weed out attorneys of all abilities. Our systems offer complete front stage and back stage processes that will transform your estate planning and administration practices into your community’s exclusive value creation monopoly, meaning that your firm differentiates itself by providing a consistently valuable client experience that can’t be found anywhere else, at any price.

What do you mean by commoditization trap?

In today’s experience economy, potential clients view your legal documents and pleadings as nothing more than a commodity, like a bushel of corn or a barrel of crude.  They view your documents (rightly or wrongly) as the same quality as what can be found with online document preparation software or from the attorney down the street, with price as the only difference. When you license our systems you will consistently attract A+ clients who view your practice as providing something unique and valuable that they will pay handsomely for.

How is any of this different from what I am doing now?

The difference is similar to that found between a Ritz Carlton and a Holiday Inn. While the Holiday Inn may be adequate or even nice, it does not offer the experience that one receives when staying at a true luxury resort. That experience doesn’t happen by accident. It is a product of well thought out, intentional unique processes both in what your client sees and experiences (front stage) and that you and your team do to create that experience (back stage). You’ll attend quarterly coaching and collaborative meetings to take your practice to the highest level.

After viewing the website, I'm afraid that I don't have adequate staff to support these systems.

The Freedom Practice™ offers backstage support to those firms who request it or require it due to the manpower necessary. For example, we can prepare your clients’ funding from our home office. We offer additional services that we will review in your Test Drive workshop.

That sounds interesting, but how will prospective clients even know that I'm offering these valuable client experiences?

Our systems include books, websites, webinars, podcasts, brochures and other educational and marketing materials using all of today’s advanced technology that can be personalized to your firm. The superior content that we continually create for The Family Estate & Legacy Program™ and The Estate Settlement Program™ will be used to promote your capabilities to the outside world and to leverage your time and that of your staff. There is nothing like it in today’s marketplace.

Why is it called The Freedom Practice?

The goal of our systems is to provide you and your team the four freedoms of time, money, relationship and purpose. Everyone will work within his or her own unique ability, and you will learn how to build the best team to achieve your goals. You will once again enjoy your practice, and that enjoyment will transform your team as well as your clients.

Can anyone become a Freedom Practice licensee?

We will vet firms through an application process, granting exclusive licenses to those firms who qualify. In each community we’re looking for only those boutique estate-planning firms with ambitious and innovative attorneys. Our licensee firms will become game-changers in how estate-planning law is practiced throughout the country.  Other firms that don’t adapt to today’s experience economy will fail to differentiate themselves, become commoditized and consequently struggle to remain profitable.

How do I know that these systems work?

Craig R. Hersch, a Florida Bar Board Certified Wills, Trusts & Estates attorney, CPA and co-founder of a state-chartered trust company developed these systems for his firm’s practice. Since the implementation of The Family Estate & Legacy Program™ and The Estate Settlement Program™, his practice’s gross revenue has increased more than five-fold. Craig is now a nationally recognized practice development expert, appearing in Trusts & Estate Magazine online and print editions — a top trade journal for estate planning attorneys, CPAs, trust companies and financial professionals.

What commitment do I have to make?

To determine if The Freedom Practice™ is a right fit for your firm, attend our Freedom Practice Test Drive, an exclusive two-day transformational workshop. Get in on the ground floor before another attorney from your community licenses our systems.

What are your members saying about your programs?

Our members are RAVING about our systems and coaching by Craig R. Hersch!

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